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Frequently Asked Questions

So you have a question about Christmas Light Finder? You've come to the right place! If you have a question about decorating with Christmas Lights, we highly recommend visiting Planet Christmas as it is chock full of experts in Christmas lighting and design.

Do I have to have a picture to submit my display?

No, however, without a picture, many people simply won't visit your home without knowing what to expect. Because we list all displays, large and small, it is very helpful to our guests that a picture accompany the display listing.

Will you sell our information to others?

Absolutely not. We aren't looking to make money from your names or email addresses. Your email address will not be displayed in the listing, and we will only use it to inform you of updates to the site as needed.

How do I know that my display got listed in the database?

Once we manually approve your listing, you can simply search your zip code to find it, however, once your home has been added, you will receive an email confirming this. Remember, we go through all of the submissions and approve them by hand in order to keep the site safe from those that might want to try to post pictures we wouldn't want your children to see!

How do I update or remove my display from the database?

You can now login to your account and make modifications.

I can't upload my picture. Why not?

Your picture has to be in JPG format. In order to convert your picture to a JPG image, you either need a graphics program like Paint Shop Pro, or, a graphics converter. We have a free graphics converter called Easy Image Converter available here.

Your picture also needs to be resized to make it smaller. You can also do this with a graphics program, or, download Microsoft's Free Image Resizer here. It is recommended to resize your images to 1024x768 or smaller. You also want the picture file to be 1 megabyte (1024k) or less.

I can't find any homes near me. Am I doing something wrong?

Probably not. While the Christmas Light Finder database is trying to be the largest resource of it's kind on the internet, it is entirely possible that noone in your area has submitted their homes to us. If you know of homes in your area that could be submitted here, please, let them know about us so that others in your area can find them.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Easy! Just contact us!

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